How does it work?

Geography game

Practice your geography knowledge in a playful way. Can you colour green the map of Europe? Or map of the US? And what about the whole world?

Adaptive practice

The application examines your knowledge of maps adaptively - type of questions (how many options etc.) and repeat frequency is chosen based on what you knew. Thus it asks you about the countries that you need to practice the most. Practice example

Specialized system

There are many other learning systems that provide outline maps practice, but they usually cover also many other areas. Our system focuses exclusively on outline maps, which allows it to be optimized for this area.

Knowledge visualization

Based on your answers the system estimates your knowledge and displays it in form of a map, which can help you realize what you actually know. Knowledge visualization example

Data mining

The application learns from data of all users. Question choice is based on this data, instead of being based on knowledge of an geography expert who "knows" whether it's generally more difficult to know Kenya or Nigeria.